Welcome to my Y2K Pop Culture Blog! They say nostalgia goes back 30 years and they (whoever they are) seem to be right. Our obsession with the 80s is dwindling with the end in sight for Stranger Things. The media has opened the gates for all things 90s which includes dramas like Pam&Tommy, documentaries like The Dark Side of the 90s, and remakes like The L word: Q generation. While 90s media hasn’t reached its full Stranger Things potential, the resurgence of Y2K pop culture seems to be lurking right around the corner.

As a wannabe fashionista (one who intentionally dresses to match a feeling or theme but isn’t one for brand names), I have very strong opinions about the mishaps of Y2K fashion. So I decided to channel my Y2K fashion anger into a list from not totally awful to let’s burn it. I’m crossing my fingers that Y2K nostalgia won’t let these clothing disasters creep back into clothing stores. Please pop culture gods, some things are not worth repeating.

Mean Girls was the first PG13 movie that I watched. Well, technically it was Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, but that didn’t have any swearing or sex in it, which everyone knows are the hallmarks of PG-13 movies. The first time I watched Mean Girls was monumental. Like getting my period, it gave me this false sense of womanhood, of what it meant to be a teenage girl, wear makeup, date boys, and own a pink razor– the cellphone, not the thing for shaving, obviously.