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  • Watching Gene Kelly tap dance in rollerblades
  • Creating “To Do” lists, “To Read” lists, “To Watch” lists, and lists of my lists
  • Writing novels on my friends’ birthday cards about how wonderful they are
  • Drinking red wine and watching black and white movies
  • Vintage clothes and thrift shopping
  • My Big Eeyore stuffed animal, one of my oldest friends, I still take him with me everywhere I go

I’m Krista, an emerging television writer, marketing content copywriter, and Bette Davis enthusiast. My love for storytelling is a vital part of my DNA. I love the world of make-believe, creating characters, and exploring their emotions like I’m their personal therapist.

As a writer, I enjoy slice-of-life stories about the little things that make us who we are. I’m passionate about using my writing to tell stories highlighting the voices and values of individuals and businesses.

I specialize in writing about mental health issues, dialogue writing, and film theory. Enjoy browsing my freelance and personal work!


  • Clothing that doesn’t have pockets or worse… clothing with fake pockets
  • When a character’s most prominent trait is falling in love with the protagonist
  • People shouting “This is Sparta!” when they discover I’m from Sparta, NJ
  • Coffee. All Coffee. I’m a tea person
  • Skinny hair ties that get tangled in my lion’s mane
  • Mental Math… calculators exist for a reason

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